They are so happy with our work

It is with pride to be able to tell they are very happy and grateful for our work as we do here in Denmark which eventually ends in Ghana, and it gives both children and young people as well as adults a joy at the hard work we put into this project which will also will be or dishes said is a project of a lifetime.
So We Care About African Football can only confirm what we do, so make a difference more than we actually expect and it warms the heart, and that is also why you continue and never give up in the life-affirming project work. There are many people who appreciate everything that is done, and something you know about the Afrikaner is they are so grateful for everything we do for them. So there is great reason to continue with our joint project.
Here in the picture you see the Left coach and general manager of the football club Mohammed Salisuo and to the right is Mike AnIm who is also the general manager and coach of the Football Club Royal Sportive.

We thank you all  for your help and support 

Thanks to all the sponsors and partners